Not All Photographs Lie (extra)

This is a more professional example of the type of view currently in fashion.

This is what google streetview (always fun!) shows us as we go up 5th Avenue.

Looking back down 5th Avenue from just past 89th Street (again from streetview).

Looking across 5th Avenue. (What’s not to like?) Here, we can see it’s actually not that big.

And finally, the aerial view from 1995. (No pain, no gain.)

2 thoughts on “Not All Photographs Lie (extra)

    1. Graham McKay

      I’ve never been, but it’s fantastic isn’t it? The second-last gasp of a once-famous architect. Nobody really bought into his visions of the future, from Broadacre City (a good defense against nuclear attack!) to The Illinois (which is said to have inspired Burj Khalifa [can’t imagine how!] according to this rather dull article on slate). At least Marin County Civic Centre got a bit part in “Gattaca” in which Uma Thurman played a genetically perfect human being opposite the somewhat flawed Ethan Hawke.

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