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Awkward Moments

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This is misfits’ second gallery post. It’s slightly off-theme yes but the procedure is the same. Use the form below to send a link to any photo you’d like to nominate for inclusion. This time, nominations must:

  1. feature a well-known client or architect – ideally both!
  2. include an architectural model, and
  3. capture some awkward moment during or just after a presentation.

No more Hitler photos please.

Hitler loved architecture and gave Speer unlimited access to money, materials, and manpower. (Thanks In return Speer made daily visits to Hitler’s small inner circle to attend the tea and movie sessions where Hitler talked endlessly about his ambitions and his views. The visitors, secretaries, and staff sat and listened in silence for hours every day. (Thanks
Dr. Albert Speer (that’s him on the left), Hitler’s chief architect, presents his model of the German Pavilion, designed for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1937. (Thanks
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh pictured at St. Patrick’s Rock,Cashel,County Tipperary,on their State Visit to Ireland with Mr. Brendan Howlin T.D,Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform and Michelle O Dea Conservation Architect, Office of Pubic Works. PIC: MAXWELLS DUBLIN – IRISH GOVERNMENT POOL PICTURE
German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks with architect Daniel Libeskind about a model of a new university campus in Hamburg. Photo credit: Reuters/Christian Charisius, October 9, 2008 Also, check out for world leaders and various urban development projects.
Architect Rami El Dahan shows His Highness the Aga Khan and His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Deputy Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council a model of the proposed Ismaili Centre, Dubai. – Photo: AKDN/Gary Otte For more, read
Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, right, chairman of Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development and Investment Company, and Jean Nouvel, the architect of the new Louvre Abu Dhabi, in a scale model (!) of the dome material. Galen Clarke / The National For more, read
“I’m excited to work with Frank Gehry to design our new campus. The idea is to make the perfect engineering space: one giant room that fits thousands of people, all close enough to collaborate together. It will be the largest open floor plan in the world, but it will also have plenty of private, quiet spaces as well. The roof of the building will be a park that blends into the community with a long walking trail, a field and lots of places to sit. From the outside it will appear as if you’re looking at a hill in nature. …we expect working with Frank Gehry will actually save us money. Many development projects like this waste 30% or more of the materials due to poor planning, but Gehry uses a software-based design process to plan more precisely and efficiently. His buildings have a reputation for coming in on time and on budget. So we expect this building to be incredible and not particularly expensive.”
“In above photo taken in August 1945, architect Frank Lloyd Wright shows the plan of Guggenheim Museum to Solomon Guggenheim and Hilla von Rebay. Baroness Rebay, an avid art collector and a long-time friend and confidante of Guggenheim, was the tour de force behind the creation of the museum-she chose Frank Lloyd Wright herself to design the museum, and chosen the current site for the museum’s residence.” Note: The NYGM didn’t open until 1959 so, if we’re looking at the front here, it still had a long way to go.
There’s quite a few shots of this event – all of them awkward. Remeber, the year is 1945. The Gugg wasn’t to open until 1959.

[I added this next one 03 Jan 2014.)

With Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in attendance, Frank Gehry presented the model for the future National Center for Social Action Through Music building.
With Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in attendance, Frank Gehry presented the model for the future National Center for Social Action Through Music building.
Judging the
Judges looking at Jan Kaplicky’s (winning) model for the competition for the Prague National Library.
Peter Smithson presenting the model of their 1968-1972 Urban Study and Mat-building proposal to the Crown Prince of Kuwait. 

(added 04/03.2016)