History Scrapheap

The only thing these photographs have in common is that you’ve probably not seen them before. They’re not part of the narratives constructed around the respective buildings. They’re photographs that got lost along the way. They remind us that our knowledge of certain buildings sometimes has little to do with

  1. where they are built,
  2. what they once did,
  3. how they worked, and
  4. who they were built for.
  1. http://info.aia.org/aiarchitect/thisweek09/1016/1016d_fallingwater.cfm
  2. http://www.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=SearchDetail_VPage&IID=2S5RYDZW6CBO
  3. http://www.ashireporter.org/HomeInspection/Articles/Fallingwater-A-Busman-s-Holiday/1550#Fallingwater10.jpg)
  4. “As one of our site guides opened the door for first-week guests on a blustery tour day, the pressure vacuum caused by 58mph gusts left shards of plate glass in the garden below.”

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