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Misfits’ Hit List

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again for a quick roundup of who’s searching for what and see how it compares to misfits’ all-time hit list. We’ll never know if they found what they were looking for but there is data for where it got them. First of all, here’s the all- time list of popular search terms, unedited.

All Time

Search Views
ak 47 3,756
microprocessor 2,140
hannes meyer 941
sanaa 691
unite d’habitation 630
unite d’habitation plan 507
unitè d’habitation 491
villa savoye 419
ak-47 397
le corbusier unite d’habitation 393
unité d’habitation 314
tv tower 239
eileen gray 237
le corbusier unité d’habitation 214
le corbusier unitè d’habitation 205
unité d’habitation plan 199
unite d’habitation floor plan 197
jungfraujoch 172
antonio sant’elia 147
microprocessors 130
barajas airport 125
unite habitation 113
oil rig 112
villa savoye site plan 112
yakhchal 111
hannes meyer bauhaus 110
unite d’habitation plans 108
domino house 106
domino system 96
maison jaoul 93
irving gill 91
corbusier unite d’habitation 87
unité d’habitation le corbusier 79
villa savoye plan 76
portland building 76
auguste perret 75
le corbusier plan 75
tv towers 74
unité d’habitation berlin 74
steiner house 73
sanaa architecture 71
josefa moreu 71
unite d’habitation floor plans 71
unitè d’habitation le corbusier 70
dogma architecture 70
bauhaus 67
unite d’habitation le corbusier 67
prosopis cineraria 65
michael graves 63
al madina supermarket 61
misfitsarchitecture 61
madrid airport 60
michael graves portland building 58
le corbusier plans 58
misfits architecture 57
lincoln house mary otis stevens 57
big architects 57
superstudio 55
michael graves portland 55
melltorp 54
unite d habitation 54
le corbusier unite d’habitation plan 54
diagrid structure 51
halley iv 51
unitè d’habitation plan 50
unite le corbusier 50
sant’elia 50
wolkenbugel 50
unite d’habitation grundriss 49
unité d’habitation plans 48
mary otis stevens 48
weissenhofsiedlung 48
unite d’habitation section 47
diagrid 47
peter eisenman 46
maisons jaoul 45
tashkent tower 44
plan unité d’habitation 44
cctv structure 43
guangzhou opera house plans 42
chaparral 2j 42
villa savoye site 41
cctv building structure 40
guangzhou opera house 40
oil rigs 40
television tower 40
fair landscape 39
villa savoye orientation 39
le corbusier floor plans 39
beijing national stadium structure 38
unite d’habitation berlin 38
eileen gray architecture 38
space architecture 38
unite d’habitation marseille plan 37
brick country house 37
peter zumthor 2014 37
vernacular architecture 36
sanaa plan 36
pier luigi nervi 36
unite de habitation 35
eileen gray e1027 35
villa savoye dimensions 35
auguste perret rue franklin 35
microprocessor images 35
eileen gray house 34
valve to prevent water from gravity feeding 34
portland building michael graves 34
unité d’habitation 34
plan unité d’habitation le corbusier 34
villa savoye aerial view 34
madame savoye 34
ак 47 33
offshore rig 33
guild house venturi 32
unite d habitation plan 32
tashkent tv tower 32
diagrid detail 32
al noor mosque sharjah 32
corbusier unite d’habitation plan 32
cap martin 31
islamic architecture 31
paris opera house 30
corbusier unite 30
unité d’habitation marseille plan 30
niemeyer berlin 30
villa savoye plans 29
unite d’habitation marseille plans 29
lincoln house stevens 28
corbusier unité d’habitation 28
weissenhof 28
villa savoye location 28
unite corbusier 28
disguised mobile phone masts 28
basic design in architecture 27
paris opera house staircase 27
villa savoye inside 27
villa savoye floor plan 27
al noor mosque 27
villa savoye aerial 27
unité d’habitation le corbusier plan 26
twisted architecture 26
sanaa housing 26
robert venturi guild house 26
chicago school of architecture 26
ensco 104 26
unite habitation plan 25
villa savoye surroundings 25
le corbusier apartment 25
villa savoye construction 24
graves portland building 24
english for architects 24
madina supermarket 24
chicago school architecture 24
hannes meyer architecture 24
ikea melltorp 23
misfit architecture 23
shell structures 23
dogma architects 23
orientation villa savoye 23
hannes meyer architect 23
seagram building 23
peter eisenman house iii 23
mary otis stevens lincoln house 23
sanaa leaking architecture 23
le corbusier marseille plan 23
corbusier 23
le corbusier unite d habitation 23
bauhaus drawing 23
lc6 22
portland michael graves 22
unitè d’habitation berlino 22
mies van der rohe brick house 22
cctv facade 22
apple store new york 22
pepeta moreu 22
domino house le corbusier 22
carbon fiber table 22
unitè d’habitation de le corbusier 22
opera garnier plan 22
useful buildings 21
microprocessor architecture 21
le corbusier unite d’habitation floor plan 21
unite d’ habitation 21
big architecture 21
adolf loos 21
bauhaus hannes meyer 21
le corbusier floor plan 21
corbusier plan 21
beijing national stadium structural plan 21
beehive 21
parametric architecture 20
offshore oil rig 20
diagrid construction 20
materials architecture antarctica 20
falconcity of wonders 20
farnsworth house plan 20
different types of palm trees diagram 20
depero 20
zaha hadid architecture 20
maison jaoul le corbusier 20
al madina supermarket dubai 19
villa savoye bad 19
karama metro station 19
maisons jaoul le corbusier 19
unité d’habitation grundriss 19
prosopis cineraria tree 19
unite d’ habitation plan 19
unité d’habitation floor plan 19
villa savoye bathroom 19
mukesh ambani car parking 18
cctv diagrid 18
unité d’habitation marseille 18
portland building graves 18
le corbusier unite 18
unite d’habitation marseilles 18
beijing stadium structure 18
corbusier table 18
frederick kiesler 18
brick house mies van der rohe 18
muslim mosque 17
tower tv 17
guangzhou opera house plan 17
sydney opera house inside 17
corbusier unite plan 17
shading devices 17
unité le corbusier 17
villa savoye floor plan dimensions 17
perret rue franklin 17
sanaa diagram 17
sun shading devices 17
diagrid architecture 17
rokko housing 17
venus project 17
villa savoye structure 17
le corbusier apartment plan 17
shell structure 17
le corbusier habitation 17
riba pylon competition 17
patrik schumacher logo 16
farnsworth house details 16
all towers 16
a k 47 16
mukesh ambani house 16
hannes meyer petersschule 16
villa savoye 16
guangzhou opera house section 16
rigs 16
zaha hadid architects 16
auguste perret casa in rue franklin 16
unite d’habitation pläne 16
unite d habitation floor plan 16
plan sanaa 16
oil rig fire 16
mies van der rohe brick country house 15
peter eisenman architecture 15
the emperor’s new clothes 15
frank lloyd wright buildings 15
heating hannes meyer 15
diagrid cctv 15
brick country house mies van der rohe 15
big archi 15
weissenhof stuttgart 15
image of microprocessor 15
barmpton 15
images of microprocessor 15
unité d’habitation marseille grundriss 15
unité habitation 15
villa savoye problems 15
unité d’habitation berlin grundriss 14
hannes meyer school 14
sanaa almere 14
cctv building section 14
small fiberglass pools 14
pier luigi nervi buildings 14
sanaa house 14
cctv building diagram 14
paris opera house floor plan 14
picture of microprocessor 14
grundriss unite d’habitation 14
the villa savoye 14
george fred keck 14
steiner house adolf loos 14
mcnulty house lincoln ma 14
statue of liberty interior structure 14
chicago 1890 14
big architect 14
television towers 14
cctv section 14
al hamra palace spain 14
great towers 14
dymaxion house 14
casa de la rue franklin 14
what is the point of architecture 14
ak 47 type 2 14
fountain marcel duchamp 13
le corbusier unite plan 13
cumberland terrace 13
villa savoye construction details 13
meyer hannes 13
villa domino 13
thomas mcnulty architect 13
burj al arab 13
melltorp table 13
irving gill architecture 13
hannes meyer quotes 13
graves portland 13
le corbusier’s unite d’habitation 13
astana architecture 13
genpei akasegawa, shinbo minami, tetsuo matsuda, and joji hayashi 13
paris opera house section 13
habitation corbusier 13
eileen gray e1027 house 13
brise soleil marsiglia le corbusier 13
dodge house irving gill 13
rue franklin apartments 13
le corbusier berlin unite d’habitation 13
pylon design 13
villa e 1027 12
sanaa houses 12
interlocking apartment 12
sukhoi 12
su 37 12
irving gill dodge house 12
unite d’habitation plan 12
the microprocessor 12
paris opera house plan 12
le corbusier marseille plans 12
shell structure architecture 12
cctv building construction 12
ak47 12
sanaa architects 12
space station architecture 12
madrid barajas airport 12
unite dhabitation plan 12
venturi guild house 12
perret notre dame du raincy 12
adolf loos steiner house 12
bashar al shawa 12
wolkenbugel el lissitzky 12
tv tower tashkent 12
e1027 12
el lissitzky architecture 12
dubai opera house plan 12
dogma a simple heart 12
micro processor 12
sydney opera house interior 12
villa savoye concept 12
lincoln house stevens mcnulty 12
scott base antarctica 12
seagram building structure 11
corbusier firminy 11
törten dessau meyer 11
pyramid of peace 11
unite habitation le corbusier 11
unite d’habitation marseilles floor plan 11
unite d`habitation 11
azuma house 11
eilen gray 11
unité d’habitation corbusier 11
garnier opera house 11
architecture 11
e 1027 11
frank lloyd wright taliesin 11
fortunato depero 11
e-1027 house 11
site plan of villa savoye 11
cctv foundation 11
honey bee 11
perret casa in rue franklin 11
adalberto libera 11
though the great expanses of glass that he favors may occasionally turn his rooms into hothouses, his flat roofs may leak and his plans may be wasteful of space, it was architect le corbusier who in 1923 put the entire philosophy of modern architecture into a single sentence: “a house is a machine to live in 11
le corbusier maison jaoul 11
islamic mosque 11
beatriz colomina, eileen gray and le corbusier 11
nervi 11
zig zag brick alvar aalto 11
paris opera house horizontal plan 11
futurist architecture italy 11
guild house robert venturi 11
umayyad mosque 11
savoye 11
shit shapes 11
villa savoye plans with dimensions 11
stevens mcnulty house 11
okurayama apartments sanaa 11
le corbusier apartments 11
michael graves buildings 11
flying saucer 11
system domino 11
farnsworth house blueprints 11
friedrich kiesler 11
wolkenbugel by el lissitzky 1925 11
dom-ino le corbusier 11
domino le corbusier 10
keck crystal house 10
plans of unite d’habitation 10
symbiosis gray-badovici 10
le corbusier domino 10
karlsplatz 10
irving gill images 10
norman foster sketches 10
otto wagner karlsplatz 10
roquebrune cap martin 10
unité d’habitation of berlin 10
charles garnier 10
small fiberglass swimming pools 10
cctv oma 10
astana pyramid 10
casa franklin perret 10
unité d’habitation floorplan 10
le corbusier unité d’habitation plan 10
irving gill architect 10
concrete diagrid structure 10
guild house 10
qatar national convention centre in doha by arata isozaki sezione 10
le corbusier jaoul 10
chaparral 10
al karama metro station 10
bathroom skylight 10
микропроцессор 10
venturi antarctica 10
mary otis stevens and thomas mcnulty 10
fair store chicago 10
hannes mayer 10
almere sanaa 10
richard rogers barajas 10
the venus project 10
frederick kiesler + nesting table 10
antonio sant’elia 10
brick country house mies 10
arm microprocessor 10 10
most expensive faberge egg pictures 10
eileen gray e 1027 10
chicago steel frame 10
oil rig on fire 10
double sided elevator 10
diagrid structure details 10
petrol station coverages 10
unite de habitation plan 10
offshore rigs 10
mosque 10
kiesler endless house 10
chaparral car 10
microprocessor arm996hs 10
jungfraujoch observatory 10
orientation architecture 10
sharjah mosque 10
villa savoye basement 10
francois hennebique 10
japanese house plans 10
bauhaus fest 1925 10
e 1027 house eileen gray 10
le corbusier villa savoye 10
famous floor plans corridor 10
shukhov tower 3d model 10
richard+rogers+madrid 10
unite d habitation plans 10
unite d’habitation plans sections 10
unite d habitation grundriss 10
villa savoye materials 9
plan of unite d’habitation 9
hannes meyer en la bauhaus 9
unite d’habitation plan dimensions 9
hennebique frame 9
cassina lc6 9
perspective section 9
structural engineering art 9
ак-47 9
guggenheim museum 9
villa savoye floor plans 9
بيت ستينر 9
whats the point of architecture 9
santelia 9
fan car 9
villa savoye brick 9
le corbusier unité d’habitation marseille 9
unité d’habitation plan 9
barajas airport madrid 9
unité d’habitation marseilles plan 9
richard rogers madrid airport 9
michael graves architecture 9
le corbusier unitè 9
le corbusiers unité d’habitation plans 9
al hambra 9
pylon competition 9
offshore oil platform 9
deepwater horizon 9
plan villa savoye 9
ancient muslim architecture 9
corbusier habitation 9
richard rogers madrid 9
new objectivity architechture 9
opéra garnier plan 9
villa savoye ground floor dimensions 9
shit shapes 9
cutaway reinforced concrete for column 9
exposition crystal house by george keck 1934 9
Unknown search terms 26,683
AK-47 remains the top all time and yearly search term.
Here’s something you probably didn’t know. I didn’t, until just then.
The AK-47 was mentioned in an early post as an example of something that may not look that great as the M-16 or similar devices might, but it works. The magazine of the AK-47 is not curved because it looks good. I hope the people who searched AK-47 apply this thinking to the built environment where it can hopefully be put to better use.
The top ten architects searched were as follows. Again, I’ve linked back to the relevant posts.
  • I expect that Hannes Meyer, Mary Otis Stevens/Thomas McNulty, Irving Gill and Superstudio feature on this list because there isn’t much information newly available on the internet about them. You’re welcome. 
  • And I imagine that some people come to this blog after searching SANAA, Sant’Elia, Bauhaus and BIG because, with the number of students probably searching those terms, chances are they will.

The Top Ten searched buildings were …

unite ‘habitation plan 3920
villa savoye 1114
CCTV diagrid structure 366
E1027 eileen gray 310
Michael Graves Portland building 300
lincoln house mary otis stevens thomas mcnulty 215
jungfraujoch 172
unite d’habitation berlin 171
irving gill dodge house 149
yakhchal 107
Unité d’Habitation remains the clear winner. This probably reflects the number of architecture students in the world and how little the education of architects has progressed in the past 50 years. Kids, make sure you see how understand how crap the lower apartment is, OK?
Homework: Use the floor layout above, to calculate how many apartments can actually have the plan commonly presented as (and thus thought to be) typical.
Here’s a studio apartment. From the same floor layout plan above, estimate the minimum number of them.
Unité Marseilles 18th floor studio 2Unité Marseilles 18th floor studio

With all its search input variations, the Unité d’Habitations was remains the clear winner and, of those searches, the majority were for the section and/or the plan. At last – somebody’s drawn an new section! Here you go!


Villa Savoye info for student purposes is far more abundant elsewhere but, it’s It’s nice to see Eileen Gray’s E1027 and Irving Gill’s Dodge House make the list.

Eileen Gray E1027

Letting people know about these wonderful yet unpretentious houses is one of the main reasons this blog exists.
Irving Gill Dodge House

And for the Sphinx Observatory at Jungfraujoch as well – a personal favourite.


As is the Lincoln House – my adolescent shapeist infatuation. I’m well over it now of course, but the memory of that first crush remains. I’ll always think of this building fondly.

lincoln house aerial

The Stevens/McNnulty Lincoln House makes the list because there is very little about it on the internet. I speculate on why that is, here.
lincoln house front
The only vernacular building making the list was yachchal. There is also very little new information about these. Views of this post spike occasionally.
So, with all this searching, what did people find? As I mentioned, once people clicked on a page, it’s impossible to know if they read or learned anything or if they downloaded or copied anything. But, for what it’s worth, here’s where they went –

The All-Time Top Ten Misfits Posts

All Time

Title   Views
Home page / Archives   32,886
The Things Architects Do   12,010
The Microprocessor is Not Trying to Look Beautiful   8,900
The Things Architects Believe #1   5,223
The Things Architects Do #3: SANAA   4,374
The DARKER Side of Villa Savoye   3,036
Architecture Misfit #1: Hannes Meyer   2,463
The Things Architects Do #2: Ornament   2,248
The Television Tower is Not Trying to Look Beautiful   1,936
The New Architecture of Austerity   1,916
Architecture Misfit #3: Eileen Gray   1,542
The Dark Side of the Villa Savoye   1,344
Inspirations for Performance-Beauty Architecture   1,220

There’s actually thirteen there. The first doesn’t count since it’s the home page at any given time.

The Things Architects Do reflects the number of people searching for information on Le Corbusier, the Villa Savoye and the unités d’habitations.


The Microprocessor is Not Trying to Look Beautiful probably reflects the number of insurgents, freedom fighters, rebel forces and other interested parties looking for information on AK-47 assault rifles, not to mention government internet monitoring organisations wanting to find out information on people who want that information. I’d just like to mention that misfits’ architecture is only interested in the AK-47 as the inspiration for a new type of building aesthetic that is the result of designing something that works.


The Things Architects Believe #1 is a catch-all post that includes information on Le Corbusier and concrete (he didn’t really invent it), Auguste Perret (who didn’t either) and other facts it’s useful to remember.

The Things Architects Do #3: SANAA is probably a reflection of who’s hot right now, and who’s a student favourite or figure to aspire to. I’m no great fan of SANAA but am pleased to offer an alternative opinion from the general fawning puff pieces one reads these days.


The DARKER Side of Villa Savoye dares to suggest that Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye is something less than a shrine to all that is good in the world of architecture. Can you think of a movie star who was never really a good actor – or even popular – but, long after they stopped making movies, became famous for being famous? The Villa Savoye is a bit like that. Who would the Villa Savoye be? Email me suggestions.

the Villa Savoye being constructed
the Villa Savoye being constructed

Architecture Misfit #1: Hannes Meyer It is the misfits’ belief that if the principles Hannes Meyer was proposing back in the 1930 had been followed up and improved upon in the time since, we would have much better buildings today. Additionally, that humanity would do well to get back to that fork in the road and follow the other path.

Hannes Meyer, Access Balcony Housing, 1929
Hannes Meyer, Access Balcony Housing, 1929

The Things Architects Do #2: Ornament was a quick history of people using decoration and ornament to fool themselves into thinking that buildings are more than they are.


The Television Tower is Not Trying to Look Beautiful was just me using the example of another highly functional object to illustrate that ornament is not really necessary. This post is surprisingly popular. I don’t know why it should be more popular than any other post in the XXX is Not Trying to Look Beautiful series. Remember, the tree is not trying to look beautiful.  


The New Architecture of Austerity highlighted a few trends in what’s considered to be architecture these days. Most of these trends resulted from trying to make architecture using less effort or resources. It would be good if those efforts weren’t misdirected to the making of pretentious architecture of little or no use.

other stuff

Architecture Misfit #3: Eileen Gray is our only heroine so far. E1027 embodies much of what architecture is trying to be now. If anyone says that Modernism (as a philosophy, not a style) had no heart or soul, then they do not know of E1027. The world is about to rediscover Eileen Gray. Blame Le Corbusier for her being sidelined in the first place. Oh, and read the post.

Eileen Gray E1027

The Dark Side of the Villa Savoye is probably the first piece of Villa Savoye bashing that many people encounter. No building is perfect but it is a call for keeping it real, and admitting that VS had a few problems, some of which were construction related, some design-related, and some were just the prejudices of the times.

Inspirations for Performance-Beauty Architecture could just be more people searching for info on AK-47s but we like to think not. This post sets out the inspirations for an architecture where performance beauty replaces visual beauty as the only type of endeavour of relevance for architecture.

Sukhoi SU-37

This post was an early one and remains an ongoing theme of this blog. The flow of posts may drift from this theme occasionally, but will always return to it.


    • you know – I wouldn’t mind going. it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on how the myth keeps getting refreshed with additional material. We’ve had the archive of his cousin Pierre, plus LC’s collected letters to his mother. This time they’re blowing the dust off the landscape doodlings. Apart from that guitar, does any other Purist painting actually exist??!!

      I’ve never trusted architects who paint, especially those who make a big deal of it, claiming it allows them to “work through” their ideas. Will Alsop, Zaha Hadid …