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  1. Joseph

    this is such a fallacy.

    is the british museum a bad building because it’s not a greek temple inside?
    is the house of commons a bad building because it’s not a renaissance palace inside?
    is the city of chester a bad city because it’s pastiche made by the victorians?
    is bristol town hall a bad building because it’s georgian pastiche from the 1950s?

    buildings were never honest and your argument is trash.

  2. blaarman@hotmail.f

    “Misfit… Hard word ! May I say that during centuries architects have been drawing very flexible houses, the internal walls were easily moved but the social aspect of the street was elaborated in a search of harmony and little changes in the detail. Today, houses are sculptures and not houses anymore, very selfish in their style and without any flexibility for the internal use.
    B. son of an architect


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